Circulars & Letters


S.No. Circulars/Notifications Order.No. Date
  Notification regarding use of Aadhar under section-7 of Aadhar act 2016 - II No. F.17(1) /1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/ 05.12.2017
  परिपत्र-23: विभागीय योजनाओ के लाभार्थियों की पात्रता का निर्धारण/लाभ हस्तांतरण भामाशाह रेजिडेंट डाटा हब (BRDH) के माध्यम से करने बाबत | No. F.17(1) /1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/ 13.10.2017
  Circular -21 Corrigendum No. F.17(1) /1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/ 12.09.2017
  Circular-22 Regarding integration of Bhamashah Yojna Plateform and Pahchan Portal (Birth, Death and marriage registration) No. F.17(1) /1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/ 29.08.2017
  Notification regarding Rajasthan Bhamashah (Direct Transfer of Public Welfare Benefits and Delivery of Services) Act, 2017 shall come into force No. F.17(1) 21/Bhamashah/DES/2016/ 26.07.2017
  The Rajasthan Bhamashah (Direct Transfer Of Public Welfare Benefits And Delivery Of Services), Act 2017 प. 2 (21) विधि/2/2017  18.05.2017
  Circular-21 regarding use of  Aadhar under section-57 of Aadhar Act 2016 F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/ 24.05.2017
  Notification regarding use of Aadhaar under section-7 of Aadhaar Act 2016 F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/ 06.02.2017
  Circular-20 regarding updating the data in Bhamashah Database F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/ 02.01.2017
  Circular-19 regarding process of Life Certificate needed for various schemes F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/ 30.12.2016
  ग्राम सभा में भामाशाह योजना प्लेटफार्म के माध्यम से दिए गए फायदों की प्रशासनिक रिपोर्ट के प्रस्तुतीकरण के संबंध में अधिसूचना  सं.एफ.4 अमे/रूल्स/लीगल/प.आर./2014/880 02.12.2016
  Circular- 18  regarding Cooperative banks to provide core bank enable services F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/ 30.03.2016
  Circular- 17 regarding continue updation in the bhamashah database and integrate this with various departmental database F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/ 09.03.2016
  Circular- 16 in continuance to Circular- 11 F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/ 09.02.2016
  Circular- 15 to provide the cash and non-cash benefits of different Government schemes through Bhamashah Platform F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/ 07.01.2016
  Circular-14  with the provisions in the change in the Name of the head of the family in the Bhamashah Card  F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/ 08.12.2015
  Gazette for the recognition of bhamashah card as a proof of Identity and proof of address F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/Budget/DES/2014/I/41606 18.11.2015
  Notification regarding the recognition of bhamashah card as a proof of Identity and proof of address F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2015 17.11.2015
  Circular-13 regarding Bhamashah information in NPR along with Aadhar Seeding F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2015 30.09.2015
  Circular- 12 Regardingregarding to assure the banking services at the nearest F 17(1)/1/Bhamashah/des/2014/ 28.04.2015
  Circular- 11 Regarding integrate various departmental database to Bhamashah database F 17(1)/1/Bhamashah/des/2014/ 11.02.2015
  Circular- 10 Regarding mandatory bank account in the CBS enabled bank of the head of the family F 17(1)/1/Bhamashah/des/2014/ 02.02.2015
  Circular- 9 Regarding Payment of Expenditure on Bhamashah Enrollment Camp F 17(1)/2/Bhamashah/des/2014/1631 12.01.2015
  Circular- 8 Regarding declaration of permanent E-Mitra centre as regular and its Enrollment procedure. F 17(1)/1/Bhamashah/des/2014/ 23.12.2014
  Circular- 7 regarding editing in the Bhamashah enrolment at the e-Mitras and atal seva kendras F 17(1)/1/Bhamashah/des/2014/ 08.12.2014
  Circular- 6 Regarding Procedure of Distribution of family/Individual Bhamashah Card F 17(1)/1/Bhamashah/des/2014/ 26.11.2014
  Circular- 5 Clarification and additional guideline regarding QC and verification F 17(1)/1/Bhamashah/des/2014/ 16.09.2014
  Circular-4 - Clarification and additional guideline regarding various activities related to camps F 17(1)/1/Bhamashah/des/2014/ 03.09.2014
  Circular-3 - Clarification and additional Directions regarding for camp organization F 17(1)/1/Bhamashah/des/2014/31624 09.08.2014
  Circular-2 - Clarification and additional Direction regarding camp organization F 17(1)/1/Bhamashah/des/2014/32125-225 06.08.2014

Circular-1 - Detailed Bhamashah Guideline pertaining to camp organization for Bhamashah enrollment with annexure-


F 17(1)/1/Bhamashah/des/2014/29279 18.07.2014


S.No Subject Order No. Date
  Letter to all Divisional Commissioner and District Collectors regarding presentation of administrative report of benefits through Bhamashah Yojana in Gram sabha F17(1)/19/Bhamashah/DES/2016 03.11.2017
  Letter to all Divisional Commissioner and District Collectors regarding Financial Inclusion awarness among people from 25.09.2017 to 04.10.2017 F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014 16.09.2017
  "भामाशाह का कमाल" नामक कॉमिक्स का वितरण एवं उपयोग सुनिश्चित कराने बाबत पं.17(11)शिक्षा-6/2010 पार्ट-III    04.07.2017
  Letter to all Divisional Commissioner and District Collectors regarding Prashashnik Prativedan of benefits through bhamashah plateform F17(1)/19/Bhamashah/DES/2014 05.05.2017
  Letter to all District Collectors regarding RAJASWA LOK ADALAT ABHIYAAN: Nyay Apke Dwar 2017 F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014 02.05.2017
  Letter to all District Collectors regarding organizing Bhamashah Digital Payment Awareness Shivir on 14-04-2017 F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014 08.04.2017
  Letter to all District Collector regarding Re-organizing Bhamashah Suvidha Shivir in rural areas F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014 28.02.2017
  Letter to all District Collector regarding Organising Bhamashah Suvidha Shivir 20.02.2017 to 31.03.2017  F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014 13.02.2017
  Letter to all District Collector regarding RAJASTHAN SINGLE SIGN ON (SSO) for Bhamashah portal F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014 31.01.2017
  Letter to District Collector (Ajmer,Bharatpur,Bikaner,Jaipur, Jodhpur,kota and Udaipur) regarding Bhamashah Card distribution through Civil Defence volunteers F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014 02.01.2017
  Letter to all District Collector regarding re-organizing Suvidha Shivir and establishment of Bhamashah Suvidha Counter in Public Welfare Camp F 17(1)/1/Bhamashah/des/2014/ 17.12.2016
  विशेष ग्राम सभाओ में भामाशाह योजना के माध्यम से दिए गये लाभों का प्रशासनिक प्रतिवेदन प्रस्तुत करने बाबत F 17(1)/1/Bhamashah/des/2014/ 13.12.2016
  Letter to all District Collectors regarding encouraging the Digital Payment in state F 17(1)/1/Bhamashah/des/2014/ 13.12.2016
  Notification regarding presentation of the Administrative Report of the benefits given through Bhamashah Yojna Platform in Gram Sabha No.F.4(7)AM/Rule/Legal/PR/2014/880 02.12.2016
  Letter to all District collectors regarding encouraging the cashless payment through Rajasthan payment plateform F 17(1)/1/Bhamashah/des/2014/ 30.11.2016
  Letter to all District Collector, District Magistrate and all SP, Rajasthan regarding issuing character certificate by police in pay-points selection camp in order to encourage cashless payment through Bhamashah plateform F 17(1)/1/Bhamashah/des/2014/ 30.11.2016
  Letter to all District Collector regarding electricity connection in the Gram Panchayt F8(198)/DoIT/Gen/2013/I/60309/2016 23.11.2016
  Letter to all District Collector regarding the best usage of soft VC facility F2(6732)/DoIT/Estt./15/I/60286/2016 23.11.2016
  A Joint Note to all District Collector, Controller, member bank and LDM RA/SLBC/2016-17/865 23.11.2016
  Letter to all District Collector regarding establishment of E-mitra Pay-point F 17(1)/1/Bhamashah/des/2014/ 17.11.2016
  Letter to Divisional Commissioner and all District Collector regarding guidelines of social audit (Gram Sabha) F 17(1)/1/Bhamashah/des/2014/ 15.11.2016
  Letter to collector and all controllers members bank, rajasthan regarding organizing Pt. Deendayal Public welfare Camp RA/SLBC/2016-17/620 05.10.2016
  Letter to collector regarding Bhamashah Yojna activities in Pt. Deendayal Public welfare Camp F 17(1)/1/Bhamashah/des/2014/ 04.10.2016
  Letter regarding PDS DBT through POS Machine F6()FoodDept/computer/V.Pra/2012-13 29.09.2016
  Letter to all District Collectors regarding establishment of Bhamashah Yojna Seva Kiosk on public places and fairs F 17(1)/1/Bhamashah/des/2014/ 17.09.2016
  Regarding Execution Programme of Bhamashah Suvidha Shivir F 17(1)/1/Bhamashah/des/2014/ 02.09.2016
  Letter regarding Bhamashah Suvidha Camps will be organized between 20.09.2016 to 30.09.2016 
F 17(1)/1/Bhamashah/des/2014/ 01.09.2016
  Letter to collector regarding inspections of point of service F 2(6732)/DoIT/Tech/15/I/54652 02.08.2016
  Letter to commissioner MNREGA regarding Bhamashah Suvidha Shivir F 17(1)/1/Bhamashah/des/2014/ 22.07.2016
  Letter to collectors regarding instructions for Samasya Samadhan Shivir F 17(1)/1/Bhamashah/des/2014/ 20.07.2016
  Letter to Collectors From SJE department regarding verification and disposition of pension related problems F 9(05)(14)/Pension Portal/2015-16/6506-38 19.07.2016
  Letter regarding resolving the problems of NFSA beneficiaries in compliant redressal camps(Samsya Samadhan Shivir)-Food Department F 17(1)/1/Bhamashah/des/2015-II/ 19.07.2016
  Letter regarding budget allocation for compliant redressal camps(Samsya Samadhan Shivir) in FY 2016-17 F 17(1)/1/Bhamashah/budget/des/2014/Part 2/I/53890 19.07.2016
  Regarding Samsya Samadhan Shiver under Bhamashah Yojana F 17(1)/1/Bhamashah/des/2014/ 11.07.2016
  Regarding Monitoring of BC at Block Level F 17(1)/1/Bhamashah/des/2014/ 15.06.2016
  Regarding working capital facility to e-mitra RA/S.L.B.C./2016-17/138 18.05.2016
  Bhamashah activities during Nyay Apake Dwar F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014 04.05.2016
  Letter Regarding Compliance of CS Direction-2 F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014 12.04.2016
  Letter Regarding Compliance of CS Direction-1 F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014 25.04.2016
  Letter Regarding Adding The Statement F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014 23.04.2016
  Social Audit Regarding Bhamashah Yojana F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014 13.04.2016
  Guidelines for Gram Sabha   24.04.2016
  Letter Regarding Compliance Of CS Direction F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014 12.04.2016
  Budget Allotment under Bhamashah Scheme for BSO and Distt. office for the year 2016-17 F17(1)/2/Bhamashah/Budget/DES/2014/I/48755/2016 11.04.2016
  Letter to Principal Secretary RD & PR regarding prashashnik prativedan. F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014 07.04.2016
  Letter to collector regarding PRASHASNIK PRATIVEDAN F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014 07.04.2016
  Letter regarding use of Bhamashah card as Proof of Identity & Proof of Address F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014 30.03.2016
  Letter regarding DBT through Micro ATM at the nearest F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014 30.03.2016
  CS Letter regarding Regarding Food & Civil Supply Department to provide ration to the entitled NFSA Families F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2015 29.03.2016
  Letter regarding no work allocation to the IAs' and Computors' other than Bhamashah F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014 18.02.2016
  CS Letter regarding DBT through Bhamashah Platform F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014 28.12.2015
  Letter regarding Seeding Camps F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014 26.12.2015
  Letter to Collectors regarding organization of follow up camps F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014 27.11.2015
  Letter to AD/DD(Stats.) to provide budget allocation for expenditure in FY 2015-16 F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014 23.11.2015
  Letter to Collectors regarding card Distribution at e-Mitras via OTP F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2015/Part-II 19.11.2015
  SSP Letter to TAD regarding payment of Pension of SSP beneficiaries F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014 20.10.2015
  Letter to Collectors regarding card distribution through E-mitra in reference to letter 08.10.2015 F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/Part-II 15.10.2015
  Guidelines for Card Distribution through e-Mitra    
  Letter to Collectors regarding card distribution through E-mitra F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/Part-II 08.10.2015
  Letter to SDO/BDO/DSO/EO regarding Verification after Seeding WORK F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2015/ 25.09.2015
  Letter to Collectors regarding Survey & Seeding work of Bhamashah done by Panchayat level employees F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/Part-II 25.09.2015
  Letter to Collectors regarding DBT of various schemes of different departments through Bhamashah Platform F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/Part-II 11.09.2015
  Letter to Collectors regarding demonstration of film for training on Bhamashah Scheme F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/Part-II 09.09.2015
  Letter to Collectors regarding Ensure the progress of Bhamashah card Distribution F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/Part-II 09.09.2015
  Letter to Collectors regarding Speed up Bhamashah Enrolment on E-mitra centres F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/ 29.08.2015
  Letter to Collectors regarding Seeding Work for DBT through Bhamashah Platform F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2015/ 06.08.2015
  Letter to Collectors regarding Payment of SSP through Bhamashah Platform F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2015/ 31.07.2015
  Letter to SDO/BDO/ Tehsildar regarding Verification of online Bhamashah Enrolment F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2015/ 31.07.2015
  Letter to Collectors regarding enrolment of remaining family members F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2015/ 15.07.2015
  Letter to Collectors regarding DBT through Bhamashah Platform F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2015/ 14.07.2015
  Letter to Collectors regarding directions for bhamasha card distribution at block level F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2015/ 28.07.2015
  Service Providing Through Bhamashah Portal (Seeding) F5(493)/DoIT/Tech/11/I/33490/2015 17.06.2015
  Regarding Seeding Data of SSP with Bhamashah Database F 9(05)(12)/Pension Bh.Satya./Bhamashah/SJE/2015-16/4810 08.06.2015
  UO Note regarding Service Delivery through Bhamashah Platform F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2015/481 23.5.2015
  Letter to Collectors for arrangements of bhamashah enrolments during Nyay Apke Dwar-2015 under Rajasthan Lok Adalat Abhiyan F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2015/ 14.05.2015
  Letter to all SDM, BDO PS and Tehsildar regarding verification of bhamashah enrollment at E-Mitra Kiosk F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2015/ 02.05.2015
  Letter to Collectors to maintain the documents of bhamashah enrolment done by e- Mitra and RKCL F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2015/ 29.04.2015
  Letter to Collectors to provide budget allocation for expenditure in FY 2015-16 F 17(1)/2/Bhamashah/budget/des/2014/Part-II/16164-94 28.04.2015
  Agreement Format for R.K.C.L. Centres    
  Letter to CEO/Commissioners to assign RKCL centres for Bhamashah enrolment F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/ 23.04.2015
  Letter to SDM/BDO/Tehsildars to directions relating to verification of Bhamashah enrollment at e-mitra kiosk F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2015/ 08.04.2015
  Letter to SDMs for directions and processor regarding authorization to the RKCL Centers for Bhamashah enrollment F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2015/ 08.04.2015
  Letter to JD(Administration) and AD/DD (Statistics), to provide additional budget allocation in FY 2014-15 F17(1)/2/Bhamashah/DES/2014/9657-763 19.03.2015
  Letter to Collectors for additional directions regarding Verification of Bhamashah Enrollment by E-Mitra Kiosk on the basis of department records F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2015/ 23.02.2015
  Guideline for Bhamashah Verification 2015-02-27 v2    
  Letter to Collectors for Checking on the following points like Photo, DOB and missing of information or unreadable before Bhamashah Card distribution F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2015/ 19.02.2015
  Letter to Collectors for distribution of Bhamashah Card after ensure deeply checking at himself level F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2015/ 18.02.2015
  Letter to AD, SWM to provide additional budget allocation F17(1)/2/Bhamashah/Budget/DES/2014/ 21.02.2015
  Letter to Collectors regarding organization of bhamashah enrollment camps through E-Mitra kiosk F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/ 16.02.2015
  Letter to Collectors regarding organizing camps in those GPs where elections have been completed F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/ 22.01.2015
  Letter to Collectors regarding process of Second Verification deemed to be completed after 10 days of information received and elated SDO/BDO/Tehsildar will be accountable if any error found after completion such process F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/ 16.01.2015
  Letter to Collectors regarding verification procedure of bhamashah enrollment by e- Mitra centre F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/ 27.12.2014
  Letter to Collectors regarding arrangement by district administration to continue enrollment work through IT Centres during Panchayat Election F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/ 25.12.2014
  Letter to all DSO regarding additional budget for the hoardings F17(1)/2/Bhamashah/DES/2014/46941-73 19.12.2014
  Letter to Collectors regarding appointing BC through Banks and data seeding of respective departments with Bhamashah data before card distribution. F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/ 10.12.2014
  Order to government officials regarding payment of pension amount through the Bhamashah platform in place of money order-2014(AADESH) F ( )Bhama/adscst/sanya/2014/63017 08.12.2014
  Letter to Collectors regarding second verification after public objections within 7 days F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/ 20.11.2014
  Letter to Collectors in context to determination of the camp period according to local population. F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/ 3.11.2014
  Letter to Collectors in reference to provide information to public and PR regarding date & period of follow up camps. F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/ 30.10.2014
  Letter to all District Collectors regarding the quality of enrolled data under Bhamashah scheme F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/ 22.10.2014
  Letter to Collectors regarding to the Quality check of data enrollment by government officials F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/ 13.09.2014
  Letter to Collectors regarding circular-4 in context to deployment of Home Guard to maintain Law & Order F17(1)/1/Bhamashah Yojna/DES/2014/ 06.09.2014
  Letter to Jhunjhunu, Bharatpur, Kota and Ajmer regarding postponement of Bhamashah camps during Elections F17(1)/1/Bhamashah/DES/2014/ 16.08.2014
  Letter to Collectors regarding physical verification of NFSA beneficiaries F 13(9)Food Dept./Allotment/2014 14.08.2014