As energy markets evolve and undergo disruption and new innovative tools that are emerging through the domain of Big Data, IoT and Blockchain become mainstream, there are phenomenal opportunities to ramp up the deployment of energy efficiency measures in a way that the world has not seen before. Against this backdrop, EESL and the World Bank, along with our supporting organisations present "International Symposium to Promote Innovation & Research in Energy Efficiency (INSPIRE) - 2020". Focused on the theme of Innovation, INSPIRE 2020 will be a unique platform for learning and collaboration to bring together key policy-makers, influencers, innovators, thought leaders, researchers, leading energy-efficiency companies, government agencies, business leaders and stakeholders from diverse sectors in India and abroad to discuss energy policies, market transformation strategies, and technology and business-model led transformations. The convening of these players during the event and post-session networking holds tremendous potential for new collaborations and public private partnerships.

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